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About Cascade Microphones

Based in Olympia Washington, Cascade Microphones create award winning, hand-built microphones that are exceptional value for money. All the microphones in the range come housed in protective cases and include the appropriate mounting.

Cascade build professional, studio-grade products and their range covers short ribbon, long ribbon, vacuum tube, small diaphragm condener and large diaphragm condenser. They also have a useful range of accesories that includes a Blumlein bar stereo mount, metal pop shield and the Iso-Panel reflective mic screen.

Cascade Microphones stands behind each and every microphone they sell. Cascade want their customers to have the best available information to help them make informed decisions about their purchases. To verify that the most accurate information is being presented, each model is sent to Cross Spectrum Labs where audio calibrations are conducted to ensure that their specifications and measurements are precise and correct.

They closely and diligently work with their manufacturing team on a day-to-day basis. Their product designs and modifications are what makes Cascade Microphones stand out from the rest. Each microphone is tested and inspected before it leaves the Cascade shop.

Stereo Sets & Lundahl Transformer Upgrades

The Fat-Head II and Vin-Jet microphones are available in matched stereo sets and inlcude a handy Blumlein mounting bar for quick and easy set up.

Various microphones are available with a special Lundahl LL-2912 transformer upgrade. This following mics are available with this upgrade:

Short Ribbon

Cascade Fat Head IICascde Gomez Cascade Knuckle HeadCascade C77 Cascade X15-Stereo

Long Ribbon

Cascade Vin-JetCascde Victor

Tube & Condenser

Cascade ElroyCascde M20u Cascade M39Cascde V57 & M39